Sincerely Yours, Kimberly
My Story:
I have always been creative, but believed the lies that only fine artists could create and that I was not one of those people. However, along the journey of my life, I have followed many creative pathways, all that have led me to where I am today, happily creating artwork. 
My love of color and design came from spending hour after seemingly unending hour with my mother in fabric stores. What she can create with a needle, thread, and her mind is incredible. While I was bored and hiding in the bolts of fabric, somehow the colors and patterns stuck with me. They left me curious and searching for the ones that spoke to me. While my sewing skills were and are atrocious, I was constantly willing to visit the fabric any chance I had.
Then came my love of photography, thanks to my grandpa. He let me take a photo of a gorgeous, snowy scene in their backyard with his Canon AE-1. I was 7 years old. I was instantly hooked on capturing the world as I saw it. To this day, his camera is a treasure that I display in my home.
My love of gardens and flowers comes from my grandparents. My grandpa grew the most beautiful flowers. My grandma grew amazing berries and vegetables. I remember going to greenhouses with them early in spring and summer and learning how to ooh and aah over different plants, afternoons of hanging out in their garden in their yard, “helping,” being allowed to pick certain stems and not others, and watching my grandma arrange flowers for church on Sundays.
I blame my husband for my paper crafting pathway. As we were about to married, I told him I wanted to create the look of a wax seal on our invitation envelopes. He suggested this “stamping” thing his mother did, and the passion began. Through using other people’s patterns and products, I learned how to put together cohesive designs. I learned about scale and color. My over 12 years of work in the paper crafting industry included designing and teaching for manufacturers, becoming a contributing editor to a magazine, and being published over 500 times nationally and internationally, including 8 covers.
After years of creating, I have learned what I want to see in the world. What my soul is longing to create. Which has led me here. To the place where I am actually designing what I want to see in the world. Sharing my heart. Sharing how I see the world. Sharing the beautiful things of this life that fill my soul with joy.
Sincerely Yours, Kimberly
I grew up on a lake shore in northern Minnesota where every night I could watch the sunset over the lake from my bedroom window. Now my family and I live in Iowa on the edge of a cornfield, but I can still watch the sunset from my bedroom window every night.
My husband and I have been married for over 20 years. While we honestly do not remember the first time we met, or the day of our first date, we immediately knew that we were made for each other. He is my biggest fan and supporter. He has cheered me on quietly and lifted my spirits so often as I tumbled through this journey. My husband helps makes my dreams and visions a reality with his calm, practicality, and unconditional love. Plus, he makes a mean batch of caramel rolls.
I have the privilege of being a mom to a teenage boy who is my world. He is intelligent, musical, funny, but most of all, the kindest and most gentle soul I have ever met. When he isn't swimming competitively, or teaching swim lessons to younger children, he is at a music rehearsal.
I earned my B.A.S. in Elementary Education with minors in Coaching and Psychology, with a focus in child development. I taught for many years and coached high school girls softball even longer. I miss the smell of leather, the crack of the bat, and the believe it or not, the dirt.